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"To make this movement really move we need all clubs and coaches to get behind the concept"

Dave Rimmer, Founder of Girls In Gloves


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These camps see all age of female boxer train and Spar together.

The Sparring Days are a great way to work with other female boxers and to get plenty of good rounds in with a variety of different girls.

We recommend that all Boxers be at a sparring level to attend this camp


Its a great experience for all involved.

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We have access to 3 - 4 Rings on the day and initially, the group is broken down into 3 smaller age / weight groups.


After the first hour, the groups then generally start to mix, as coaches arrange sparring with different girls.

Coaches have the opportunity to work with their own boxers but may also get the chance to work other boxers too which is great for coach development.


Heres what a Sparring Camp looks like


1000hrs - 1015hrs - Weigh-In and BCR1 Card Check

1015hrs - 1020hrs - Briefing and Group Photo

1020hrs - 1030hrs - Warm Boxers Up

1030hrs - 1400hrs - Sparring 

1400hrs - 1415hrs - Break 

1415hrs - 1500hrsPad Work with All Coaches

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- BCR1 Card with an in date Medical and current seasons


- 14oz Sparring Gloves

- Head Guard


- Lanyard for the current season with an in date DBS

NEXT CAMP 20th August 22

Lee Jones ABC


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