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Saturday 30th November and Sunday 1st December


All Girl/Female Sparring Camp Hub for Girls/Females of ALL ages and ALL abilities


FREE OF CHARGE and open to all Carded Boxers from the UK and Ireland and Overseas.


Based in Liverpool Close to the Town Centre with 3 Rings over 2 days.


Sponsored and organised by Diversity Amateur Boxing Academy Girls Team Liverpool in conjunction with Wimborne Pro-Am Boxing Club from Dorset.


The Girls In Gloves Initiative is a brand new concept to promote Female Boxing to ALL Girls from ALL Clubs of ALL abilities to gain maximum experience in Boxing and Networking to help bring Female Boxing closer to each and every club and increase Sparring Opportunities and number of competitive female boxers.

We encourage early interest and commitment to enroll so we can try and match up boxers in advance and plan time slots for everyone. Obviously matching will change but there will be plenty of opportunities to swap and arrange extra sessions.


In confidence, we will avoid boxers wanting to avoid each other due to future Competition Bouts etc.

To confirm places please enroll ealry, especially Clubs outside of England, so we may get the correct paperwork clearance from England Boxing to attend etc, please give email addresses where possible.

We look forward to a great 2 days All Female Sparring.


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We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

DATE - 30th Nov - 01 December 






ADDRESS - League of Welldoers, 119-133 Limekiln Lane, Liverpool, L5 8SN


REGISTER TIME - 1000hrs - 30th November 


TIMES - 1000hrs - 1700hrs - Saturday / 1000hrs-1400hrs - Sunday



EQUIPMENT NEEDED - 14oz Gloves, Mouth Guard, Hair Net, Head Guard, Wraps and Water





Parents are able to wait in the large Cafeteria inside the club




Our Mission
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