Boxing Saved my LIFE...

Rhian Collinge is a typical everyday girl who at 17 years of age discovered she had Type 1 Diabetes which nearly killed her. Luckily Rhian after feeling unwell for several days admitted herself to A&E where on arrival and after being quickly assessed she was actually faced with being told she possibly had 30 minutes to live due to the condition status at the time. Rhian survived the trauma but was told she had Type 1 Diabetes and the Doctor told her that if it wasn’t for her recent Boxing Training she would have died due to benefits of the training which helped lower the bloods sugar and ketones this meant it slowed the effects of the Diabetes.

Unlike Pre Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes which mainly induced by lifestyle choice Type 1 occurs when the body's own immune system attacks and destroys the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. Insulin injection is crucial to life. When you eat, insulin moves the energy from your food, called glucose, from your blood into the cells of your body. When the beta cells in your pancreas fail to produce insulin, glucose levels in your blood start to rise and your body can’t function properly. Now Rhian is back to recovery she is back Boxing Training at Diversity Boxing Academy in Liverpool with their Girls Boxing Team and Rhian wants to encourage other sufferers of the disease that Type 1 Diabetes isn’t the end of physical activity and show that even such an extreme Sport as Boxing is still possible.

You can follow Rhians journey by following her @_.t1d_teenager._ where you can find out more about how to deal and cope with the condition in Sport and find out more about the Diabetes as Rhian is now an ambassador for @JDRFUK a Charity for Diabetes and who are all around the UK and the rest the of the world too.

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