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The Girls In Gloves Golden Girl Course is a structured program designed to teach the fundamentals of Boxing to complete beginners through our 4-stage process.


You can take your Journey as far as you wish, it is not Compulsory to

complete all 4 levels.

Once you Sign up to the Golden Girls Program you will receive a 

Workbook that details everything you will be working on through the

course, including some Rules and Regulations. Also inside the Booklet

is some information on Social Media Safety.


Each Level will finish with an assessment where, on successful completion,

students will be certified

The Golden Girl program has seen girls go on to compete at National

level as well as Overseas, so it’s a very thorough program that will teach a

solid foundation and that will progress you at the correct pace  


The final assessment at each level will be a recap on what you covered during that Level of training and will consist of a practical and theory element.


We believe it’s very important to not just learn to box but to understand the rules and regulations behind the sport so you can go to become a better boxer, because as they say..


Knowledge is Power..

Below are the levels - 

Level 1 - Non Contact

Level 1 teaches Stance, Guard, Footwork, Straight Punches to head and body and Defences and Basic Pad and Bag drills 

Level 2 - Non Contact

Level 2 teaches Bent Arm shots to Head and Body and Defences and Counter Punching

Level 3 - Non Contact

Level 3 teaches Setting Up Body Shots, Creating Angles, Advanced Pad Work and Different Styles​

Level 4 - Contact

Level 4 you will get a Boxing Medical completed. You will also learn Tactics, be Introduced to Technical, Conditioned and Open Sparring, Participate in Interclub sparring before having a Skills Bout.


Golden Girl

To become a Golden Girl you must complete ALL of level 4 and when you're coach

says you're ready they will move you on to a Competitive Bout.

Regardless of the result, this will qualify you to receive the Golden Girl

Status and be awarded with your Golden Girl Gloves.. 

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Currently these programs only run from Wimborne ABC so contact them to get involved but if you're interested in doing them elsewhere, speak with your coach and get them to contact us and we can arrange it.

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