To increase participation of females in Boxing by making the sport more easily accessible through School Clubs and Female Only Club Projects and to increase opportunities for our current female boxers  


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"To make this movement really move we need all clubs and coaches to get behind the concept"

Dave Rimmer, Founder of Girls In Gloves

Our Girls In Gloves program has only been rolled out in a small area and the amount of the girls we have reached out to has been absolutely incredible.

Whether they have attended our After School Boxing Club or been involved in one of our Hit The Switch presentations, every girl has taken something away.


We strongly believe every school should have a Girls Boxing Program up and running and would love more schools to get in contact and get involved.


If you are an England Boxing Coach attached to a registered England Boxing Club and would like to get involved with launching your own Girls In Gloves program within your local community please contact us and we can arrange for more details to be sent across


The Girls In Gloves Sparring Camps are run over 2 days at Lee Jones ABC in Liverpool.


The Sparring camps are open to ALL cared boxers regardless of your experience. We have Skill Bouters through to National Champions and World Gold medalists so whatever your level these sparring camps offer you a perfect platform to get plenty of rounds in and to test yourself.


The idea of the camps is for all coaches to work together so their girls can get the very most of each day. As a coach, you'll be completely in charge of your boxer through each spar and will be able to hand pick sparring opponents from the lists provided 

We have access to 4 Rings on the day and initially, the group is broken down into 4 smaller age groups, one for each ring







After the first hour we then find the rings will mix up a bit as coaches look for good sparring for their girls, so don't think once you're in a ring you are unable to change groups

DAY 1 

0900 - 1015hrs - Weigh-In and BCR1 Card Check

1015hrs - 1020hrs - Briefing 

1020hrs - 1045hrs - Warm Boxers Up

1045hrs - 1245hrs - Sparring 

1245hrs - 1330hrs - Lunch

1330hrs - 1345hrs - Boxers Re Warm

1345hrs - 1645hrs - Sparring


0945hrs - 1000hrs - Boxers Check In

1000hrs - 1030hrs - Briefing and Warm Up

1030hrs - 1330hrs - Sparring

1330hrs - Onwards - Pictures, End Of Sparring Camp Debrief



- BCR1 Card with an in date Medical and current seasons


- 14oz Sparring Gloves

- Head Guard


- Lanyard for the current season with an in date DBS

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