To increase participation of females in Boxing by making the sport more easily accessible through School Clubs and Female Only Club Projects and to increase opportunities for our current female boxers  


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We felt if we could make Boxing more easily accessible to girls we would be able more involved in the sport so rather than having the girls come to us, why don't we go to the girls.


So with this in mind, we came up with the idea of running Voluntary After School All Girls Boxing Clubs where we teach non-contact boxing to students whilst also increasing activity levels in females.  


After doing some research we discovered a lot of young girls leave sport and exercise when they move to their upper school, around the age of 14yrs old, so its this age group upwards that we are looking to target. 


So far our After School Clubs have seen us train nearly 100 girls a week so they are proving incredibly successful but we still want to work in more schools and get more clubs to take on our program.


Grace had never boxed before but wanted to try it out and signed up to our School Boxing Program. After the very first session, she was hooked and came down to our club the very same night and since then has spent the majority of her spare time training with us. She has now become a carded boxer of Wimborne ABC and is set to have her first skills bout very soon, just 7 months after picking up the gloves for the very first time.



These after school programs are really making a difference to a lot of girls and we are very keen to launch more across the country. So if you're a club looking to launch your own Girls In Gloves After School Club or you're a school wanting more information please contact us to find out more.

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