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We felt if we could make Boxing more easily accessible to girls we would be able to get more involved in the sport, so rather than having the girls come to us, why don't we go to the girls.


So with this in mind, we came up with the idea of running All Girls School Boxing Clubs where we teach non-contact boxing to students whilst also increasing activity levels in females.


These sessions can run as part of the school day or as an After School Club.  


After doing some research we discovered a lot of young girls leave sport and exercise when they move to their upper school, around the age of 14yrs old, so this was a key age we looked at, however, we also took the program into middle schools and have had lots of success. 


So far our School Clubs have seen us train nearly 100 girls a week so they are proving incredibly successful but we still want to work in more schools and get more clubs to take on our program.

The School programs we run can be fixed 6 week programs or they can be run as ongoing projects.

We do try and fund these projects so please contact us for more details.




Grace joined the Girls In Gloves program in April 2019 when Wimborne ABC started classes at her Middle School. She had never thought about Boxing before but took to it from the very first class and that same night she went down to the club for more.


Fast forward 12 months and Grace is now a carded and Competing boxer with 4 wins from 4 bouts including a Gold Medal at the  Golden Girl Championships in Sweden.

She has her sights firmly set on making it onto the England Pathway and hopefully Boxing for England one day.

None of this would ever have happened if the Girls In Gloves Project hadn't started in her middle school.



Gaby and Issy and twin sisters and got invovled with the Girls In Gloves program when it started at their High school with Wimborne ABC.

The sisters had never really thought about Boxing before but decided to give it a go. After 2 months of regularly attending their After School sessions, they decided to take the next step and enrolled at the club.


Both girls have now moved on to compete for the Club and both have very bright futures, Issy is currently the 2021 MTK BoxCup Champion and they are also both completing coaching courses so they can help at the younger boxing classes at their club


It was very important to us that there was a continuation program for the girls once they had finished their course and this is where the local Amateur Boxing Club helps out.

Once the girls have finished a 6 Week program, or they have decided they want to train more than once a week, Girls In Gloves will liaise with the local club and arrange a 2 Week FREE pass to their gym. 

After this trial, we hope the girls continue their boxing and become members of the club


Girls In Gloves will also arrange Training Camps where all Girls that have passed through the program can attend. 

You can find out more on our Training Camp Page

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